Foos E-Cig Postcards

Product Information

One of the advantages of switching from smoking packs of cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes is there is such a wide variety, you learn what is good and what not to spend your money on. (Besides the no ash, no smoke, no tar spiel).

Smoking E-cigs are pretty much just flavoured water vapour (with or without Nicotine). Some brands have nicotine in different strengths, some have disposables, and some have refillable ones either by cartridge or by E-Juice.

Foos (as of now) carries nicotine rechargeable ones with replacement cartridges as well as what they call Foos Joos.

Foos is one of the ones worth buying. The quality is excellent, the customer service is #1 out of all I have tired, and the price beat out just about everything I have seen. They will even take ones from other companies that you do not like but spent money on, and trade you for their product (If you spend at least $10 (A starter kit with a battery, cartridge and USB stick to recharge retails on their site for $12.99. ) What a heck of a deal!

So on the Foos retail store online with a basic starter kit retailing at $12.99 and a 2-pack of refill cartridges at $4.99 (in 8 flavours), it is worth trying them. You just may never go back to a real cigarette or another E-Cig brand again. Strong flavours, the best prices and great customer service, you cannot go wrong.

The only drawback so far I have seen is that instead of being at convenient stores and smoke shops around where I live, the closest one is about 2 hours away. I just happened to discover the Foos line when I was in Kansas City, where they are based out of. I have been ordering them off of their website ( )

So, I have been trying to talk to people in stores (managers) to see if they will carry the line. In the process of doing so, I have created my own postcards and print material to present managers and store orders with.

These are the postcards I have created that end up in the packet (and to anyone else I talk to who is interested)

Foos Postcard Front

Foos Postcard Front

Foos Postcard Back

Foos Postcard Back